ABOUT US: Since 1976, Atlantic, a concierge company for property owners has operated under the basic principle that a single source provider for new homes and major renovations delivers the best customer service possible. Our successful business model partners you with our expert in-house team members who provide high quality customer service, attention to detail and most importantly — accurate budgeting to ensure your expectations are met.


Our design professionals work closely with you to develop a scope of work, preliminary concept plans. and select finishes to develop budgets for your project. Once the client accepts the floor plan and pricing we enter into a contract with a deposit due upon building permit application submittal.



We have in-house experts for every type of system that we install. These experts are responsible for ensuring the system’s proper design and installation, training other company employees on their designated systems, and overseeing the technical support for our clients. - HOME THEATER - We offer superior sight, sound, and ambiance for any theater space. With our automation options, spending more time with family becomes even simpler and more enjoyable. - LIGHTING - We can create the right mood in any room for any occasion. Moreover, we can design a lighting solution that enhances your mood, increases your energy or relaxes your senses with the touch of a button. - CONTROL SYSTEMS - Having an automated control system for AC, lighting, and security will make daily living simpler and your home more secure. Access to your entire home at your fingertips keeps your family safe in unexpected situations, so you can relax and enjoy other home automation benefits. - SOLAR ENERGY - The solar energy industry if growing rapidly with innovative designs, affordability, battery backed solar roof shingles and improved solar panels that are hurricane proof and more Federal Solar Incentives The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit allows you to claim a credit of 30% of qualified expenses for a solar panel or solar energy system installed at your home. This federal rebate is ensured through the end of 2019, after which it will begin to decrease incrementally. In 2021, the rebate will be locked at 10%. Florida does not offer any additional tax credits at the state level at this time. Home Value Increase Your home value will increase with the installation of a solar system. The amount is roughly equal to the electricity savings you will recognize over the life of the system (conservatively estimated at 20 years). On average this adds about $22,000 to a home’s value. Property Tax Exemption This exemption means that when the tax assessor values your home, they are not allowed to charge you any more property tax for the valuable solar system on your roof. So, while it increases your home value, it will not increase your property tax. Net Metering Florida also has lenient “net-metering” regulations, allowing most homeowners to generate up to 115% of what their own home uses. That extra 15% typically results in a refund from the utility company.

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Our design-build model starts from the initial client meeting with our architect, engineer, interior designer and construction professional with the primary goal of generating a concept design plan with interior finishes, completion schedule and pricing within a few days. Once the client accepts the pricing, the space planning and structural process begins with weekly meetings with all professionals until the client’s expectations are satisfied and pricing is aligned with the original budget.


Atlantic specializes in major renovations and custom waterfront homes with a “one major project at a time” company policy with their six full time employees and trusted subcontractors. Atlantic does not depend on outsourced subcontractors which avoids typical delays, unacceptable work and guarantees the project will be on time — on budget — with a satisfied client.


Atlantic offers realty services with a focus on waterfront new construction redevelopment (house tear downs) and properties in need of major renovation. Atlantic’s clients make informed decisions on property acquisitions for potential renovations, additions or new construction projects before purchasing the property. Atlantic also offers a joint venture model with clients on select speculation waterfront properties where Atlantic’s service fees are deferred until the property is sold in exchange for a percentage of the projects profit.


The Team

Kevin Patrick Burke

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Real Estate Broker License - BK-3158308



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License - 79154

Timothy Ray Schrock

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License - AR95745

Yurien Santana

Electrician On Call

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B & W Air Conditioning

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Fernandez Plumbing

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