Why Realtor Express USA ?

1) the commission structure is the best in the USA.

2) affordable training programs so Agents have more tools to help service their clients.

3) we connect our Agents with in-house local general contractors, attorney and title companies and mortgage brokers

Are there any contracts to sign and how do I sign up?

Yes, an annual Agent-Broker Agreement and Office Policy Manual are both on our website Membership tab with e-sign features. Once you sign both agreements and pay the $299 fee using the PayPal/Credit Card button we will contact you to walk you through the Agent log-in process.

Are there any quotas or floor time required?


Can I use the office?

No, we are a virtual company

Where are you located?

1016 Clemons Street, Suite 402, Jupiter, FL 33477

Can I do property management as an agent?


How long has Realtor Express USA been around?

We are a start up. With 40 years experience in real estate, design and construction and the best 100% commission in the USA –we believe we have a business model that is good for the Agents, their clients and for us.

How do I get paid?

Same day! Here’s how it works: 24 hours prior to closing your transaction, whether it be a rental or sale deal, you will email our title company, Lighthouse Title Services, all the closing docs relevant to the file along with a copy of your voided check. Once the file closes and the title company funds Realtor Express USA, the broker of record will pay you via direct deposit into your bank account! You are not required to come to the office or go to the closing.

Can I use my own Title Insurance Company?

Yes, but you will have to pay for Errors and Omission insurance. If you use our associate Ward and Damon Attorneys for contract review and their Lighthouse Title Services, no E+O insurance is required.

Do you charge a transaction fee to our clients or any other fees of any kind?

No transaction or any other fees.  We do offer transaction assistance (if requested) for $50 hr, $99 Agent training programs and $499 websites.

Can I bring my listings  with me when I join your company?

No, your Broker owns your listing unless your Broker-Agent agreement says differently, however, Florida listings are “assignable” providing your Broker agrees.

Do you supply business  cards and yard signs?

No, Agents have to pay our cost of approved cards and signs.

Am I required to join the local MLS Board?

No, Agents can use our company website IDX property search feature, but we recommend you join the Board.

How much is the Errors & Omission insurance?

We are self-insured. Agents are required to use our attorney, Ward andDamon to review all documents before signing. This service is free as long as you use Ward and Damon’s Title Insurance Company, Lighthouse Title Services whenever possible.


The Team

Kevin Patrick Burke

License - CGC-1521443
Real Estate Broker License - BK-3158308



Barbara Pedersen

License - ID6391

Victoria Griggs

License - ID6391

Taner Hamzawi

License - 79154

Timothy Ray Schrock

License - ID6391
License - AR95745

Yurien Santana

Electrician On Call

Electrical License - EC-13007498

B & W Air Conditioning

AC License - CMC-12500568

Fernandez Plumbing

Plumbing License - CFC-1427568