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“Improving patient care and Physicians quality of life while lowering health insurance cost”


Healthcare is a complex industry. A generic approach to your banking services isn’t the right approach for the unique financial needs of healthcare professionals like you.

For Private Practices – It requires innovative solutions to keep the financial side of your practice running smoothly — the type of specialized support you receive with the PNC Advantage for Healthcare Professionals. At PNC, we offer extensive solutions and targeted banking tools to help private practices optimize their cash flow and effectively manage their revenue cycle.

For Hospitals and Other Large-Scale Healthcare Providers or Payers – We also take a unique approach to helping large-scale healthcare providers and payers minimize administrative costs, maximize cash flow and keep up with the pace of constant change. Visit to learn more about these specialized products and services.

Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management – The cash flow cycle can be inconsistent and unpredictable for healthcare practices. We understand the unique challenges your practice faces and the special role that cash flow plays in your success. To help you succeed we provide an array of cash flow solutions to optimize your practice’s revenue cycle management.

Understand, Project, Act – The health of your business depends on your ability to analyze performance and confidently make decisions that will help you achieve your goals. With Cash Flow Insight℠, you can visualize your cash flow week-to-week, month-to-month and even year-to-year with innovative views so you can see trends that may help with future projections.

Start with the Right Business Checking Account – PNC offers a variety of business checking accounts with features for the needs of healthcare practices, from a one-person office to multi-office practices.

Talk to us about your practice, where you want it to go, and how we can help you get it there. Your PNC Healthcare Business Banker will identify key components of your practice that affect your revenue cycle, and help you select the options best suited for your needs.

Mary Helen Johnson – 561.622.4443    

REALTY — DESIGN — BUILD  – Our in-house team will manage property purchase, relocating, design, build and interiors in a seamless process allowing the physician to do  what they were trained to do — Practice Medicine!         (Realty, Design, Build and Interior services are currently offered only in Palm Beach and Broward County)

Inspired Workplaces by Atlantic Commercial Design –

Atlantic Commercial Design offers a broad range of services for our clients. From Space Planning and Design to Project Management, Furniture Procurement, and more. We provide high quality service at an affordable price.

Atlantic Commercial Design has a close relationship with many suppliers of high quality furniture and equipment that helps us provide our clients with the best products at the best rates.

Curious what our previous customers have to say about our services? Check out some of our testimonials from previous clients. We love receiving feedback from our clients, and always strive to improve our business.

Barbara Pedersen – 561.329.0079


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                               MEDICAL PRACTICE CONVERSION TO MEMBERSHIP AND DIRECT PAY MODEL–                               “Improving patient care and Physicians quality of life while lowering health insurance cost”

21stCenturyMD – A privately held medical practice marketing and communications services company that partners with independent primary-care doctors to help them transition and thrive in membership-based/direct pay practices.

We were founded around the idea that the independent physician practice was “in peril” from an economic perspective, and that the work-life balance for independent physicians was “virtually nonexistent” due to technical, financial, and regulatory pressure.

Our practice conversion services allow the physician to continue providing care while we retool the practice


  1. Integrate social media and online review system to build practice
  2. Simple Online booking and check-in –  most appointments are booked after hours
  3. Protects and enhances online presence with verified reviews from real patients
  4. Capitation or direct pay model for steady monthly income
  5. 21stCenturyMD manages sales and billing reducing the back office workload by as much as 50%

How We Build The Patient Roster

  1. We market for new patients thru our Physician referral service website
  2. Our in-house insurance agents help transition existing patients into our new model combined with high deductible health insurance and health savings plans to lower patient insurance costs.

For more information contact – Kevin Patrick Burke – 561.602.3295


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